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Oldaker Mfg Corp DBA U.S.Probes
About U.S. Probes :

We are Oldaker Mfg Corp DBA US Probes On-Line Distributor. However Oldaker had a fire and is no longer in business. So we have added Mueller & Probe Master to our line to try and continue to serve your needs.

Our Services

We at Oldaker DBA U.S. PROBES are here to supply you with the highest quality products. Secure On-Line Ordering with Quick Deliveries, (View Our Privacy Policy).

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Products Offered :

Meter Leads
     Standard Leads
     Softie Silicone Leads
     Adjustable Leads

Meter Lead Kits
     Softie Silicone Lead Kit
     Mini Clip Set
     Alligator Clip Set

Automotive Leads & Acc.
     Bed Of Nails Test Lead

     Threaded Alligator Clips
     Threaded Hook-It's
     12" Probe Extension


We will be adding more in the future

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